Faith & Smile Charitable Trust A Manjeet Maan initiative


The Objectives of Faith & smile we hope to achieve are

• Establish and grant shelter, to help build homes and lend our support for construction of housing to the people in need.
• Uplift children, provide them with information and resources for their education while granting them with all necessary supplies.
• Provide any kind of medical relief including tests and medicines and to allocate funds accordingly.
• Provide food, clothes and any other necessary provisions for maintaining a healthy life.
• Offer assistance in cleaning, and to lend support in maintaining an overall hygiene which will improve the living Standards of the disadvantaged.
• Provide the physically handicapped tools for mobility and the means for living a normal life.
• offer any aid in support for drug rehabilitation.

The mission of Faith & Smile is to provide education that will inspire lifelong learning, housing to shelter and strengthen our communities, food and medical aid to nurture people in need for living healthier lives. We believe that taking a personal initiative to change a single life in the smallest way possible will speak a change ten folds greater. Therefore, with a little faith we hope to put a smile on the faces of people who deserve our love and care.

Mrs Manjeet Maan
Mr Gurdas Maan
Mrs Kanan Dhawan
Dr Deepak Tiwari
Mr Gurickk G Maan




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